Beginning of Winter

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November 22, 2018

As the schooner is put away for the winter and the weather is cold, there is not as much to do. Planning next year’s schedule and various projects that are on the list, but haven’t had a sketch or worklist made, have been occupying our time. Since we only raised the topsails once, places for all the various lines to go and not foul anything has consumed a lot of thought.

I finally have the starboard injection pump back but it has been way too cold and dark to put that back on the engine. Even checking the gaffs and booms in the shop for chafe and remedying  the problem has been slow. I’m hoping there will be a bit of warmer weather ahead to allow for a flurry of activity – measuring, taking pictures of rig details, and planning on-site to carry things forward for the winter. 

Julie is trying to take advantage of these work-from-home days by getting caught up on bookkeeping and making ocean plait door mats; a true marlinspike skill and fabulous nautical gift for any boat/water lover. Email her for more details about how you can purchase one!

Trips are already being booked for next summer, so if you have a special date in mind or any questions, please ask.

– Captain Hugh

One of Julie’s popular ocean plait mats is almost complete.

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  1. Barb lose
    | Reply

    What happens to the ships during the winter like the ships on Lake Erie where do they go during the winter

    • admin
      | Reply

      Barb, For Schooner Huron Jewel we pull her out of the water, take off the sails and take down most of the rigging and cover her in shrink wrap plastic until spring.

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