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June 28, 2018

What a rush we have been in for the last month! The main news is that Huron Jewel is in the water, launched at Drummond Island Yacht Haven on Saturday, June 23rd.  The lake stayed out of the boat and Huron Jewel floated right side up, Lee Murdock played some wonderful music, a great crowd showed up and the afternoon was sunny and dry. A video of the christening is posted on our website in case you missed it. And because a number of people requested that the christening speeches be printed, they have been transcribed and printed in entirety in the July issue of the Drummond Island Digest.

Prior to that there was a lot of painting and sanding and trimming, and plumbing and wiring – so much so that it is all a blur. Chef Ross cooked supper for the crew so we could work until nearly dark every night. There was final hatch and portlight installation, the windlass went on the foredeck and got wired in. The anchor chain went in to the chain locker at the last minute to help hold the bow down on the trailer. Rubrails and toerails and wales and eyebrow trim all went on. The aft stanchions for the lifelines, companionway doors, icebox lid – a thousand things. We’re finishing up the masts and rigging now, to be lowered by crane into the boat. And the lead ballast bricks will be placed into the keel box.

Many friends and volunteers showed up the end of May and beginning of June to lend a hand. Nick Martinez, our professional painter friend, did a terrific job putting her name on the bow. His friend Chad Hockey leant a hand with lots of painting. Klaus Brixa, from Canada, came to help make crans iron and mast head bands, among other things. Dave Bardsley lent a hand with splicing docklines. Julie made a pennant for the schooner and her friend Betsy Granek, from Baltimore, MD, came to help with interior decor. Cousin Steve Peine and his son Aric, came up from Indiana and ran lots of wiring. Jen Starr also helped with lots of painting. We’re quite appreciative of all the many hours that Alan Hosler, Tom Doerr and Chris Taylor have put in getting her ready for the water.

Then when it was time to launch her Denny Bailey’s crew did a great job getting her safely wet.

The Islander Shoppe now has available for purchase two styles of Schooner Huron Jewel t-shirts and two different hoodies along with coffee mugs. Les Cheneaux Coffee Roaster’s Huron Jewel breakfast blend is also now available at local grocery stores and their coffee shop in Cedarville.

Our deckhand intern from Antioch College, Daniel Cox arrived on the Friday before the christening and jumped right lending a hand with anything and everything. Even though he has never been on a sailboat before, he did his homework prior to arriving and has learned a large list of nautical terms and eagerly awaits to explain them to you when you come sailing with us.

Our sailing schedule is posted online and available for reservations. We’ll be docked and sailing from Drummond Island Yacht Haven once she is rigged and loaded with ballast.

Learn more about Schooner Huron Jewel at, follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Pintrest @DITallShip.

– Captain Hugh

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