Planking a Schooner

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July 17, 2016

For three solid days during the week of July 4th, Captain Hugh and Julie along with 14 friends planked Schooner Huron Jewel.

In this time lapse video we plank Huron Jewel with 2" x 6" tongue and groove Douglas fir boards 16 feet long, applying epoxy to their edges and where they cross the frames and bulkheads. These planks fit together to make a hull with fair curves over the frames as they hold to each other and don't have to be edge-fastened because of the interlocking nature of the tongues and grooves.

It took approximately 276 man hours to lay 2700 board feet with fifteen gallons of epoxy.

This form of strip-planking is afterwards overlaid with smooth-faced MDO (medium density overlay) plywood to make an easily smoothed outer surface and to hold the planks more firmly to one another. This makes a boat hull that is similar to a glued-together bowl, with no movement between the parts, as opposed to a traditionally planked wooden hull that is more like a strong basket that is somewhat flexible, being held together by the individual fasteners rather than any glue.

This vide can also be viewed on YouTube at


- Captain Hugh

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