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May 24, 2017

May saw a lot of activity at Schooner House. We had a number of out-of-town volunteers come to help.

The propeller shafts are in place, the engine beds are now ready for the engines and all the tanks are in ready for plumbing. Tom D. did a nice job with those tank platforms – they fit against the curve of the hull sides, lean back and also follow the sheerline of the deck, all above the slope of the bottom. Plumbing them in has now started.

We had a big day with Bill and Larry; we finally got the centerboard lifted up and inserted into its trunk. It weighs a thousand pounds and we had to notch a building truss to get enough clearance to drop the centerboard in with two chainfalls, a come-along and two sets of blocks and tackles all pulling in various directions.

Klaus was here and manufactured some wooden blocks with help from Julie’s sister Rachel, who came from Pennsylvania to help. Rachel’s partner Brian and I worked on structures for the berths and then glued in most of the berths and all the forward deckbeams and the foremast partners.

The big 24-volt alternator mount is complete now, with a shaft made by Jamie Coullard at Bunker Manufacturing in the Soo. At Sune’s Home Center, the MDO plywood for the decks arrived and fresh new No. 1 grade lumber to choose from for the masts (thanks Paul and Janice!). We also finally had a chance to haul the last of the lead bricks from the lumberyard. And our new ship’s bell arrived from Italy. The Coast Guard has specific requirements for the size of a bell dependent upon the size of the ship, so that limited our choices.

A lot of smaller projects like the dual raw-water strainers and associated bronze valves and fittings are together now. If it ever quits raining there are spars to shape, for instance.

Julie took her ServSafe class and passed with flying colors. She is working on getting the galley set up and the boat licensed to serve meals on board for passengers, like a real restaurant.

Learn more about Schooner Huron Jewel – stop by Schooner House at 38988 S McKenzie Pt Rd., Drummond Island, MI. If we’re there we’re happy to answer your questions. Take Johnswood Rd east, past Scammon Cove to McKenzie Pt Rd, turn right and go south one mile. Schooner House, the big white shrink wrap building, is on the right often with a Jeep or two parked there. The entrance is on the southeast side of the building.

Want to get involved? Give us a call (906-440-5338) or stop by there’s plenty to do, no previous experience required.


– Captain Hugh

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