Sailing at last

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August 21, 2018

Sailing at last! After being at Nate’s Marina, thanks to Gordy Mackay and Rich Curtis, we got more carpentry work done and the lead ballast bricks in, which meant that the masts and rigging could then be put on. Josh Baareman of L & B Builders did a fantastic job operating their boom truck to put the masts in. It then with the help of previous volunteers and a couple new ones, Bill Wallace and Grant Rory, it took about a week to get Huron Jewel rigged and the sails on so we could finally go sailing.

Despite a very rainy day, our maiden voyage on August 6th was enjoyed by all with some terrific sailing; she easily and smoothly clocked 8+ knots with only two sails up and towing the tender. That weekend we took passengers on a three day trip to the Hessel wooden boat show, where approximately 1000 people toured the schooner. Upon our return to Drummond we bade our college intern, Daniel Cox, a fond farewell as he headed back to college. Then residents living along the shore saw us pass by on our first 2-Day Around trip which was great fun.

This month Corey Adkins of 9 & 10 News came up and did a story about the schooner, which aired August 29th. Watch it here 9 & 10 News Michigan in Focus. And Capt Hugh presided at the renewal of wedding vows.

We’re now getting braced for a full schedule for Labor Day and the start of September. There is a lot to be done yet – trim work and yet more paint as well as more rigging work.

It has been fun so far; the boat sails like a dream and it’s hard to realize we’re finally sailing after all this time. Our sailing schedule is posted online and available for reservations. Labor Day we’ll be doing another 2-Day Around Drummond trip followed by the Captain’s Choice North Channel 12 day cruise, of which there are currently berths available. Then weather permitting we’ll be sailing until the end of September.  Learn more about Schooner Huron Jewel at, follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Pintrest @DITallShip.

Learn more about Schooner Huron Jewel at, follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Pintrest @DITallShip.

– Captain Hugh

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