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October 22, 2017

This past week we laid cloth on the decks after much preparation including the second layer of plywood for the cabin sides. The cloth laps up on the sides of the cabin and down over the edge of the deck to the sides of the boat to make a water-tight joint. The big aluminum flush deck hatches got laid in the wet epoxy to make a smooth base for the bedding compound later, so they will be water-tight as well.

The coachroof beams are glued in place and longitudinal framing has gone in to support deck structures like the skylight and hatches. The center beam in the salon is some very dense white oak that shows 40 growth rings in less than 2 inches. Two large oak pieces nearly a foot wide with appropriately (for a boat) wavy grain are fitted to take the mounting hardware for the foresheet blocks. The longitudinal pieces for the salon are tulip poplar that I cut long ago out of a large clear log that the 56 inch diameter saw blade just barely reached through; the saw marks show that the teeth just cut the bark and no more at the top.

Late September friends Rex and Andy came up for a visit and leant a hand assembling rigging blocks.

Julie has started sanding the hull again for the second coat of primer.

Soon, the cabintop itself will get laid on, and the boat will be closed in, allowing us to work inside the boat with a heater on, a welcome idea in the winter.

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– Captain Hugh

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