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September 21, 2017

It’s been a flurry of dust there at Schooner House this last month. Julie put local cedar tongue-and-groove paneling, made by John Tucker, on the bulkheads. She kept commenting that when in 8th grade geometry class she never imagined she would one day use her geometry knowledge to build a boat. Meanwhile I fitted the rest of the beams for the cabin roof and cut out more pieces for the sides of the cabin.

Patrick Hinchman came by with his portable planer and we planed some long boards made of tulip poplar and also spruce for some longitudinals for the cabin top. Some were close to 25 feet long and they seemed endless going through the machine.

Varnish is going on the cedar paneling now, and when that’s dry, we’ll re-fit the roof beams and varnish them too. We also planed some 15 inch wide osage orange planks – it is such a wonder to see the amazing color change from dull dark brown to brilliant yellow-orange as the planer removes some of surface.

The next big step is the cabin top, closing the boat in at last.

The end of summer has seen the number of visitors dwindling, but we’re still giving tours. Come learn what some of these unusual terms mean. Julie loves to explain all about what she’s learned.

Learn more about Schooner Huron Jewel at or stop by Schooner House at 38988 S McKenzie Pt Rd., Drummond Island, MI.

Want a tour? Tours are available by appointment or by chance. If we’re there we’re happy to give you a tour and answer your questions.

Directions: Take Johnswood Rd east, past Scammon Cove to McKenzie Pt Rd, turn right and go south one mile. Schooner House, the big white shrink wrap building, is on the right often with a Jeep or two parked there. The entrance is on the southeast side of the building.

Want to get involved? Give us a call (906-430-5854 or 906-440-5338) or stop by there’s plenty to do, no previous experience required.

– Captain Hugh

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