Winter Progress

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January 21, 2017

We’ve made a fair amount of progress since we turned the hull over in December. ‎The inside of the hull has been sanded and coats of epoxy have been applied to seal the planking in most of the compartments. The floors, the transverse structural members that will support the sole in the main salon have been fitted.

Another interior mock-up has come and gone, and a lot of final decisions made on where things go. All this warm weather mid-January has made this easier.

Parts such as thru-hulls, pumps, marine transmissions and hatches have been ordered. We received a nice custom-made instrument panel with “Huron Jewel” inscribed on it for the twin Yanmar diesels. I’ve carved out the forward mooring bit or Samson post out of a good stout free-of-heart osage orange wood and have the chain locker box started. Despite it being January, the temperature in the building has stayed high enough to work and use epoxy, so we’re moving right along!

– Capt. Hugh

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