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January 21, 2017

This month, the big excitement was getting the galley all set up (and then taken apart again for painting). The stoves were in place, the sink and faucet got carried up, and many details of placement and storage worked out. A stanchion for the cook to hold on to while slaving over the hot stove was fabricated and is currently awaiting fancy ropework or coachwhipping to cover it.

More electric wire arrived, more hose, more epoxy(!) and more stainless tubes and bars for lifelines and anchor rollers and more rope.

The cloth for the top of the cabin was laid out and we were lucky to get a warm day (above 32° F) to apply epoxy. It’s the second to last big epoxy job of this whole project. Julie has been busy painting in the salon and also made a fancy rope mat.

I’ve been pressing on with splicing wire, and finally acquired an actual rigging vise, which holds the wire rope and thimble much more securely. The tarred seine twine came and I’ve been serving the wire eyes, which protects the galvanized wire.

The mock-ups for the binnacle and wheel box were lifted up onto the afterdeck to facilitate exact placement of the deck boxes and mainsheet. The focsle ladder is in place and the hatch for that compartment has been glued together and is about to get a big piece of polycarbonate inset into it for light into those quarters. Plenty of projects for both cold days and warm ones – we’ve had to stay home some in the more Arctic weather, but have been pretty much making progress.

On March 3rd we’ll be in Lansing for the Quiet Waters Symposium to show and tell folks about our project. Come say hello if you’re in the area!

Also mark your calendar and save the date of Saturday, June 23rd for the official celebration and christening of Schooner Huron Jewel at the Drummond Island Yacht Haven. We’ll have lots going on – including a concert by Lee Murdock, balladier of the Great Lakes, so you won’t want to miss it!

– Captain Hugh

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