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January 22, 2016

It is finally something like winter here now so I’ve been concentrating on design details and parts specifications. The temperature is too cold for gluing so it’s a good time of year for inside work. We ordered an anchor windlass (used to hoist the anchors) the other day from an old-time maker in Oregon. They have been making marine gear for eighty years, and had an older model that could be rebuilt with new parts to be like new, but still have 50+ year old styling. They will be hand-building it over the next few weeks. If anybody is driving to the West Coast this spring and want to help out by hauling it back, let me know.

I’ve had a once-a-day email from Denmark (time zone difference) working out particulars on folding propellers for Huron Jewel. I’ve been communicating with a lively guy named Keld, after starting with someone named Storm, who gave up due to translation difficulties. It is still taking some time, as I’ve learned that one question a day is best. Now that we’ve worked out metric-english unit conversion, and whether a comma or a decimal point goes in 1 1/2 as in 1,5 or 1.5 (I gave in on that one) we’re doing all right. I still haven’t gotten a price on a four-blade propeller vs a three-blade (Keld: Yes! You’re absolutely right! It does cost more! Any other questions?), but progress has been made. Three is fine anyhow, but I was curious.

All those other systems that go in a boat have to be identified and sourced, as well. Portlights, steering gear, a proper compass, sails, hatches, fuel and water tanks, galley stove and a small boat are just some of the hundred or so main items that have to have known dimensions before construction starts in earnest.

– Captain Hugh

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