Winter Approaches

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October 27, 2018

Thanks to all who came for a sail with us in 2018! We had a lot of good sailing and fun trips, but now Winter approaches. Right before we hauled her out we were able to finally get all her sails flying for a photo shoot. We got her jib, fisherman and main topsail bent on. Huron Jewel is up on the hard at Yacht Haven, wrapped in her winter cover. Hauling out was painless and easy when the weather finally allowed an easy entry to the travelift well – Yacht Haven did a fantastic job as always. 

It took more time to find the days as the calendar ticked down to build a frame for the cover, then covering and shrinking. It was only a little windy and rainy that day, but it got done. The masts were relieved of most of their rigging and braced against the winter winds.

A number of winter projects are coming up – some trim, doors for the shower and head, and some slight rigging adjustments while the booms and gaffs are inside the shop. The rigging blocks will be taken apart and cleaned and re-oiled as well. Then there are the sewing projects, like a cover for the ship’s wheel and a replacement binnacle cover (the first one got away in one of those fall gales). If we get any warm weather before spring there are some paint and varnish projects.

Trips are already being booked for next summer, so if you have a special date in mind or any questions, please ask.

– Captain Hugh

Schooner Huron Jewel with all sails finally flying.
All tucked in for the winter at Yacht Haven.

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  1. Blake Lowry
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    Hello. I would like to apply for the deckhand position on your vessel. May I please have an email to send my resume, cover letter, and references to?

    • admin
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      I don’t know why your request was put on this old blog post, but thank you for your interesting in deck handing aboard Schooner Huron Jewel. To begin applying for the deckhand position, please see for detailed information and a form to submit your information in the body of the message portion. We’ll then be in contact with you promptly.
      – Julie

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