11 Knots!

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September 21, 2018

Sailing the Dream! We have been busy sailing, mostly in Potagannissing Bay (full name: Bootaagan-mnising Bay, meaning Mill (Drummond) Island Bay) and the St. Marys River by DeTour Village. There is still plenty of rigging work underway, though we have been flying a spinnaker from time to time mostly it has been main, fore and staysail for our working canvas. We’re getting ready though to put up the main topsail and fisherman, and a jib on a furler on the end of the bowsprit.

On our longer trips we’ve been able to adjust leads on sheets and halyards, tighten lacing and working on the technique for getting the small boat on and off the fore cabintop.

So far we have recorded a maximum speed of 11 knots one day in a breeze and the boat has proven to be very stable in a big wind. We’ve enjoyed seeing the pleasure passengers have when they have taken the helm.

We went to the North Channel on a 12-day charter trip and anchored as far east as Bad River in the Georgian Bay, where all enjoyed the spectacular scenery there, as well as Baie Fine and Killarney.

People have been sending us some nice pictures of when they see us out, which we enjoy seeing.

It has been a busy month at the end of the season and we’re looking forward to next year!

– Captain Hugh

Under sail during our 12-Day charter to the North Channel.

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