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July 21, 2017

Another hugely busy month here and a change of plans. It’s been a month of finishing all work that needs to be done prior to putting the decking on. This has meant lots of plumbing for the galley (kitchen) and head (bathroom), plumbing for the freshwater, greywater and blackwater tanks, fuel lines to and from the diesel tanks, and the propane line for the cookstove.

Chainplates to secure the mast rigging have been made and the aft ones were installed prior to decking being laid.

Julie has been learning new skills about growing or diminishing dimensions while cutting foam insulation for the icebox. Wiring has been run to key areas of the boat. Most of the cabinetry for the galley has been completed.

James Bailey donated a piece of Drummond Island history for the boat. Decades ago his father had found a jackstaff in the water by the old Drummond ferry dock. James thought it might be of interest even though it was very weathered. It’s been sanded and oiled and now waiting to be fitted to fly the schooner’s ensign flag.

Schooner friends Capt. David Leanza and Amy Olenzek spent a few days to help. David worked on building the salon settee full of compound bevels, while Amy helped Julie with painting berths and cleaning up the jack staff.

The exhaust hose for the engines finally arrived and I was able to get it routed and attached.

The ship surveyor came by for a preliminary inspection and said that so far all was in good order.

Alan Hosler, Drummond summer resident and dedicated schooner volunteer, has helped a number of days with painting and epoxy work.

The big achievement for the month was getting the first layer of deck down. Templates for the opening of the deck hatches had to be made to assure a good fit. Alan Hosler along with Drummond residents Sue and Kirk Tyler helped out for a day with decking. Now we can walk from one end of the boat to the other, and it looks even more like a ship. The next layer will be completed shortly then we will begin fitting the cabin trunk and top.

The sailmaker is shipping some of the sails to make space to finish the rest.

With the heat of the summer here and fall quickly coming we have decided to postpone the launch until next spring, which will allow us to finish at a more leisurely pace, do some nicer woodwork and not have to launch to then turn around and haul out right away.

Learn more about Schooner Huron Jewel  at or stop by Schooner House at 38988 S McKenzie Pt Rd., Drummond Island, MI. If we’re there we’re happy to answer your questions. Take Johnswood Rd east, past Scammon Cove to McKenzie Pt Rd, turn right and go south one mile. Schooner House, the big white shrink wrap building, is on the right often with a Jeep or two parked there. The entrance is on the southeast side of the building.

Want to get involved? Give us a call (906-440-5338) or stop by there’s plenty to do, no previous experience required.

– Captain Hugh

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