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March 4, 2018

Many folks have come by the boat house at various times to see the different stages of the building of Schooner Huron Jewel. Others follow this blog or our articles in the monthly newspaper Drummond Island Digest.

For those who are new to our project or want to see what they might have missed we've put together this video of the building of the schooner to her current state. If you're inspired to lend a hand and be part of building history just give us a call or come on over - there's always something to do.

And if you're interested in sailing with us check out all the sailing options we have available 

- Julie, First Mate

PS - We have to give a special "Thanks Mate!" to our friend and very talented musician Lee Murdock for allowing us to use his great music to accompany this video. Check out Lee's music at

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  1. John Cheever
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    Hugh & Julie,
    Thanks for allowing us to drop in on you Thursday afternoon. Really enjoyed seeing the progress you have made the last year. Best of luck getting ready for June1 Hopefully I will get a chance you board her for a cruise someday.
    John Cheever

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