Want to go sailing this summer?

Save Now - Schedule in Spring - Sail this Summer

Daysails, charters, and bed 'n breakfast tickets are all on sale now.

While Schooner Huron Jewel is being built we are pre-selling tickets at a discount to help raise money for the purchase of materials. Check out the great discounts on day sails and cruises - buy now to get the best price to go sailing next summer aboard the gem of the Great Lakes, Schooner Huron Jewel.

Are you ready to go sailing?

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The Scoop

Your purchase now of advance tickets allows us to buy the best materials and high quality equipment to assure you the most enjoyable trip.

The hull is complete and we are now working on the interior - berths, galley (kitchen), salon (dining area), chain locker, lazarette and engine compartments. Then the decks and cabin top will be installed and masts built.

Buy your tickets now and save at a great discount to go sailing this summer. 

There are a multitude of items to be purchased before we consider outfitting her with sheets and dishes and coffee. Your advance purchase assures that we have room in the budget for the deck cushions and coffee maker.

Options range from 2 and 4 hour trips to five, seven, ten and fourteen day cruises - all at a discount for a limited time.

Want something romantic?

Purchase for your sweetheart one of our B 'n B packages, to be lulled to sleep aboard Schooner Huron Jewel and wake up to a delightful breakfast in beautiful Potagannissing Bay. Available with a sunset cruise option.

Call Us to Plan Your Next Adventure

Even if you don't know when the kids will be with you to go sailing, your discounted ticket saves you money now for you to schedule your trip when the family calendar is made.

Buy the boat - well almost.

There is a four passenger minimum to go sailing and maximum of six. We will either match you up with some other schooner lovers or you can purchase six tickets to buy the boat for the time of your choice. Then share your tickets with your friends and family or make it a private excursion for just you.

Not sure if you want a 2 or 4 hour trip or full day? or a 5, 7, 10 or 14 day cruise?

Upgrades are available until June 1 at the discounted rate.

Where We Sail

Available for day sails,
windjammer cruises and B 'n B sails.
  • In the Great Lakes
    • Lake Huron
      • Drummond Island
      • Les Cheneaux Islands
      • Mackinac Island
    • Lake Michigan
      • Beaver Island
      • Manitou Islands
      • Garden Peninsula
  • North Channel to Canada
  • Georgian Bay of Canada
  • Atlantic to Caribbean Cruise

Save Now ~ Schedule in Spring ~ Sail this Summer

Memories are made when you take part in life - 

take the wheel, hoist the halyard, and ride in the wind

aboard Schooner Huron Jewel for a special adventure.

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Now is the time to book your sailing trip. Don't delay as there's only a limited number of sailing days in the calendar.